Frequently Asked Questions

After signing up, how quickly do I get my background check and unique ID?

You should receive your completed background check and unique ID number in 12 hours or less. Unlike other background check companies, our reports are NOT provided instantly. Other providers have automated systems that will scan through public data records, and claim to compile a complete report on the spot. Although those other sites are great for some permissible purposes, we have found that our users prefer a live Trust & Safety Investigator to complete their background check. Our background check process is much more in-depth, and is simply much safer. PreScreend’s practices are monitored and verified, plus our team is specially trained to identify discrepancies and abnormalities in your background data.

Can I get a background check on someone else?

For the safety and security of our users, you cannot order a background check on someone else. However, you can send them a Quik request inviting them to sign up. If someone already has a unique ID number, you can Verify their ID right on our site. Just enter their unique ID number and we’ll do the rest.

What other sanctions and watch lists does PreScreend search?

In order to legally run a background check, PreScreend requires that your spouse screen themselves. We must obtain written authorization from them before we can conduct a background check. Just send them a Quik Request, and demand they fill it out!! By obtaining their consent, PreScreend’s Trust & Safety Investigators can officially certify that we have: Notified them about the details of the background screening process. Informed them about their legal rights in case of an adverse action. Made every effort to ensure their privacy and prevent any possible adverse action or discrimination. Informed them they can release their PreScreend ID number to you if they choose.

How do I receive my profile sheet & what does it look like?

Below is an example of what your profile sheet may look like depending on the results. The example below has a watermark for safety and security. Don’t worry, your profile sheet won’t have one! To protect our users privacy and ensure the security of their data, background reports will be sent by email. You’re automatically notified by email when your report is complete, with incremental notification upon completion every 30-days. If you ever feel your email has been compromised, or someone may have gained unauthorized access to your PreScreend ID number, please contact us immediately and we will issue you a new number and profile sheet.

Where do you get the data for the background checks?

Our specialized team of Trust and Safety Investigators use our QuikScreen process to search 300+ million REAL criminal records from: cities, counties, Department of Corrections, Administration of the Court, State sex offender registries, National and International terrorism sources, & more! We also complete manual checks of trusted databases, and even make phone calls if we need clarification. Not only does PreScreend search millions of public and private records, we have direct access to information provided by state and local governments.

Why should I sign-up for a background check and a PreScreend ID number?

1.5 million+ people per day become the victim of a crime by someone they met on the Internet. It’s just not safe to meet-up with someone you just met online, on a dating site, or at the bar. In many cases, these unknown individuals ask you for information (phone number, credit card number, bank information, to wire them money, etc.) and you don’t even know who they are. We have created a way for you to quickly establish, authenticate, validate, and verify your identity online. Once we provide you with your complete background screen and unique ID number, you can give that number out to anyone. When someone wants to view your background screen, they simply go to and enter your unique ID number. After they hit submit, your profile sheet will be sent to them and you will receive a read receipt. This is important because YOU are in complete control of who can access and view your background. As the number one provider in person-to-person (P2P) background screening services, the PreScreend team truly understands staying safe by proactive risk mitigation. We help you make a more educated decision before you meet someone, so you can evaluate risk in order to stay safe. The risk of meeting someone you don’t know without a PreScreend ID number simply isn’t worth it. Just make sure they really are who they say they are!

What's a QuikScreen? What do your Trust & Safety Investigators search?

The PreScreend Patriot Act Name Check includes the following U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists. These lists currently include:· PreScreend’s live Trust & Safety Investigators conduct a QuikScreen search that accesses more than 300 million criminal records, including national and international terrorism sources. Here are a few things we look at categorized by state: